Saturday, 20 January 2007

What SHS needs to start...

1) Officials: SHS is going to need an interim Treasurer and a Secretary, until elections can be held. Volunteers needed.

2) Members: In order to create the Secular Humanist Society (SHS) we need at least 20 members, with names, signatures and matriculation numbers and £3 subscription fee.


Timothy said...


I'll definitely be a member. I can give you the money on Wednesday if you like. If there is a simple flier, I could distribute it in my end of things (south side of George Square, AFB, Buccleuch Place, etc).

Also, if we have a poster, it's very easy to get them stamped by the EUSA people in Potterrow so we can put them up on boards around the uni. I'd be happy to do some of that work too.

Awesome work!

- Tim -

Blu_Matt said...

Are UoE staff members welcome to come along or take interest in the society? I only today found out about the society from the Hype magazine (nice way to raise awareness BTW :-)

BTW, are your members aware of the Brights' meetup in Edinburgh ( )?

I presume from the CoI URI that you've asked for CoI on Campus support...

All the best!

Roger Redondo said...

UoE staff members and other members of the public are very welcome to come along to the Society's events. A problem only arises when the event is held in a Student Union Building, since to enter these building a non-student needs to be accompanied by a student.

Roger Redondo said...

And yes, we are aware with the Edinburgh Brights meet up group. I am a member and we got together last Tuesday :D